1.0mm 100Meters Led Light PMMA End Grow Plastic Fiber Optic Cable DIY

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No conductivity or heat transfer
Smooth surface, transparent, good flexibility, bendable shape


Feature: 2-3 Times more bright thaOptical fiber led of the decoration,1.0mm pmma fiber Features Brightness Not easy to break. Uniform thickness No UV or IR Energy Nice surface and transparent Excellent toughness can bend random Virtually no heat Long life spam Energy saving Application For all kinds led fiber optic illuminator and decoration such as optical fiber hanging lamps, optical fiber curtains, optical fiber falling waters, optical fiber star ceiling,etc. Package included Package include: 1.0mmXselected lengthn end-light optical fiber, ability to transmit visible light but not ultraviolet or infrared; No conductivity or heat transfer; Smooth surface, transparent, good flexibility, bendable shape Appliancation Artistic adornment in graphical and 3D artistic design; Interior fiber optic light decoration of KTV, pubs, coffee houses, hotels and restaurants; Lighting in some dangerous place like oil depot; Decorative lighting in the park and fairground; Package included: 1*2mm* selected length, price without light source, our store also have light source.