Leadshine DSP Closed-Loop Stepper Driver HBS86H 8A 30-100VDC Easy Servo Drive ES-D1008 fit 86mm NEMA34 motor

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CNC DSP Closed-Loop Stepper Drive 8A 30~100VDC Matching 86mm NEMA34 motor HBS86H Leadshine
The Stepper Drive fit 86mm Nema 34 Stepper Motor
Input voltage 18-75VDC, peak output current up to 8A
Motor standard 1000 line encoder, support vector closed-loop control, a fundamental solution to the traditional stepper motor lost step problem;
6 DIP switch settings, the largest up to 40,000 micro-step, can be set to reverse the direction of motor parameters;


CNC DSP Closed-Loop Stepper Drive 8A 30~100VDC Matching 86mm NEMA34 motor HBS86H Leadshine
Lemire company is based on ten years of research and development experience stepper and servo, the successful development of innovative simple servo drive products. Dedicated motor control using the latest DSP chip and vector closed-loop control technology, completely overcome the open loop stepper motor lost step problems, while significantly improved motor speed performance, reduce fever and reduce motor vibration motor, improve the speed and precision machining, reduce machine energy consumption. When the motor continuous overload, the drive will output an alarm signal in time, with the same reliability and AC or DC servo system. HBS806 adaptive motor mounting dimensions are fully compatible 57/60/86 series stepper motors, stepper drives programs to facilitate upgrading of traditional cost equivalent to only half of the AC or DC servo system.
For a variety of small and medium sized automation equipment and instruments, such as: engraving machine, stripping machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser machines, plotters, medical equipment, machine tools, automatic assembly equipment, electronic processing equipment. In user expectations low noise, high speed device applications particularly good effect.