Coolrunner Pet Treat Launcher Training dog food catapult auto pets food thrower puppy Snacks Feeder(dog food catapult)

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Pet can do good interaction with its owner, increase the dog's subconscious, so as to achieve the purpose of training.
Nontoxtic material made, and you can clearly see the volume of your pet food.
Food can be ejected very quite far form the shooting place, cultivate the ability of your pets.
Easy to operate: the food will ejected from the gun when you simply push the trigger.
Food catapult internal have a strong spring, both energy saving and environmental protection.


Material: Plastic
Complete Auto Feeding: No
Material: ABS
Size: 18 * 11 * 5cm
Color: Multiple colors (random send)
For pets: cat / dog
The pet food catapult applies to pets such as dogs, synthesized using a spring device on the pet food catapult ejected, so pet grab, which not only can exercise a pet and can manufacture joy.
Pet Food catapult practical new non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, rigorous quality control, a perennial European markets, quality stand the test.